• Radiologie Münsterland

The Gronau Radiology Centre

Radiology Group Practice              
Peter D. Eich MD and colleagues               
Diagnostic Radiology Specialists          

St. Antonius-Hospital
Clinic of Diagnostic Radiology
Peter D. Eich, Chief Physician

Clinic of of Nuclear Medicine
Michael Schneider, Chief Physician

The Gronau Radiology Centre combines the expertise and experience of medical specialists and the chief physician into one practice. The Centre handles both in- and outpatient care for St. Antonius Hospital as well as CT and MRI in- and outpatients at Lukas Hospital of Gronau.

Gronau Radiology Centre's large-scale clinical equipment is particularly powerful and effective because it utilizes state-of-the-art technology and the latest in diagnostic equipment. This is reflected, for example, in the speed, accuracy and precision of each diagnosis, as well as in the holistic care we give  our patients.

Not only do residents from the greater Münster area have confidence in the skills of our staff, but so do patients from Bentheim county, the neighbouring Ruhr area, and numerous patients who come in from the Netherlands.