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High-tech diagnostics and compassion for you and your health

Welcome to the Gronau radiology centre website.

In the radiology centre of Gronau, the radiologists and the Head of the Clinic of Diagnostic Radiology of St. Antonius Hospital Gronau and the Head of the Clinic of of Nuclear Medicine of St. Antonius Hospital Gronau work together to provide their patients the best possible medical services.

Medical expertise, advanced technology, human understanding and a spirit of cooperation characterize our radiology.
You and your health are always our primary concern. A motivated and highly qualified staff team will always be available and accessible to you, both in our practice and at the hospital.

We work with innovative technology to guarantee the highest diagnostic accuracy. Thus, we have one of the first 3.0 Tesla high-field MRI scanners (MRI), which has a multi-transmission technology. The CT (computed tomography) guarantees the best image quality with minimal radiation exposure. The centre is fully digitalized and uses modern speech recognition.

This benefits you and your health.

Whether you are a hospital patient in the radiology clinic, or if your GP or specialist has referred you to us, on the following pages you will find important information, including much valuable background knowledge.

We're there for you.